Poland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and boasts of several educational facilities and institutions, drawing students from different parts of the world. There are several reasons why students choose Poland over other countries to complete their studies.

First and foremost, Poland offers low cost of living and even the educational expenses are far less compared to any other university in Europe. Poland is witnessing economic development at a rapid pace. However, this has not led to a dramatic escalation in the costs of living as well as studying there. Students who have studied or are studying in Poland are of the opinion that the cost of living and studying is considerably lower as compared to most other EU nations. Around 200 to 400 Euros is more than enough to cover basic accommodation expenses, transport as well as food. Also, the
expenses incurred for entertainment as well as participating in cultural events is also quite low than the EU average.

Poland’s economy is growing at a rapid rate. The GDP rate for Poland in the past few years on an average has been nearly 5 percent. In the past few years, unemployment level has sharply declined. In the year, the unemployment rate was around 20 percent but it fell to 11 percent in the 2007. In the years 2006 and 2007, the wages of Polish professionals have grown at an annual rate of 15 percent. As far as civilization growth and progress is concerned, Poland has emerged as one of the leading nations attracting students from across the border.

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