Company Profile

Today we are proud to say that Standard Education for Abroad Study & Vocational training Pvt. Ltd. is ranked the top consultant in Nepal and has become one of the leading consultancy firms in the field of education where students can avail all foreign education related services at one stop. The vision is to provide right guidance globally to the youth through technology resourcing and knowledge consulting with immigration.

We dispel all the myths associated with studying abroad and brought the concept of overseas education to the doorsteps of every student by making the procedures simple,Till date many students have successfully gone to different countries through our consultancy.

The academic and professional excellence of company is primarily rooted in its human resources, We take legitimate pride in our team that processes a judicious blend of rich experience and modern knowledge to operate internationally. The Department heads and seniors with international experience & exposure and highly qualified professionals provide the expert guidance to all the candidates.

Our educated and trained counselors help students to select the right destination and appropriate qualification according to their previous qualification and experience. We can assist students with all aspects of planning and arranging for overseas education.

Mission & Vision

The guiding principle at Standard™ is to optimize human resource development in order to provide quality services to every client ensuring maximum value possible.


> To lead the industry in terms of quality in the south Asian region by focusing the resources towards diversity and growth and investments to research the market feasibility
>>To support our vision of providing continuous career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees by growing and diversifying every year
>>To support the social issues by innovative means in order to improve the quality of life and thereby creating a pool of students round the world for the social cause


>To serve the educational sector and the nation by making continuous investment towards helping the students get quality and diverse educational opportunities
>>To operate the Company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our intellectual property and creating career opportunities and financial rewards for the employees
>>To understand the social corporate responsibility and actively recognize the central role of Standard in the structure of society


>> True to our vision, we aim at remaining synonymous with any force that looks at ‘accessing knowledge’ through diversity, optimizing study options to suit every student’s need and setting a benchmark for quality control, delivery and corporate social responsibility in the education industry.

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