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Our experience and contact with current industry professionals enables The Professional Bartending School to determine what employers want you to know. We are in regular contact with restaurants, bars and clubs to ensure you are learning what the industry needs. At The Professional Bartending School you will become a skilled bartender very quickly .

Topics Covered in our Bartending Course

In each bartending class you will learn and practice the topics below:

Mixology – classic favorites; current popular drinks and everthing in between for all types of settings

Bar set-up

Liquor types, history and uses

Personal presentation and etiquette

Customer psychology

Industry legalities

Health and safety practices

Bottle flipping

Money handling

Interviewing techniques

Alcohol awareness and alcohol server training program

Techniques for maximizing gratuities

TAM bartending certification



The Professional Bartending School is equipped with all the features of a cocktail lounge. The classroom is comprised of:

Front and back bars
Soda dispensing guns
Ice bins
Mixing equipment
Electric blenders
Bar stools
Liquor bottles containing simulated liquor
Simulated fruit garnishes


There is also audio-visual equipment for viewing videotapes.
This is the largest, longest running, most authoritative bartending school in the region. If you want to get the best training visit our facility.

1 Month

Start dates
Twice in a months (Each 1 AND 15)

Intensive bar-tender course: 12 hours classes weekly

Intensive Bar-tender course: maximum 8 students per group, minimum of 4 students required

All Levels

Age Range

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