Study in Australia

Studying & Living in Australia.

Australia is a land of diversity and culture. Living in a different country can be very different and your lifestyle will undoubtedly change. To help you adapt to Australia, we have compiled this resource detailing what life in Australia is like:
Climate – Australia is often referred to as a land of diversity in terms of climate, from tropical rain forests, to golden beaches, to sparse deserts, to vast grazing lands to the rich coral reef, bursting with marine life.

Summer (December to February)
Autumn (March to May)
Winter (June to August)
Spring (September to November)

Accommodation – On-Campus Housing and Off-Campus Housing
On-campus housing can sometimes be hard to secure as spaces are limited. Fees will vary depending on which university you attend. Housing located off-campus are very popular among the students as you would probably group together with a group of students to either rent a house or flat with fees varying depending on your location and size of accommodation.

Transport – Buses, Trains and Subways and Taxis are the popular mode of transport
The living expenses include food, Entertainment, domestic and international travel, telephone and internet and Incidental costs
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